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Unia Ares HP TWIX 4 Specifications & Technical Data

  • Unia Ares HP TWIX 4 Specifications & Technical Data

Trade Forums


A key part of LogiMAT is the first-class accompanying programme that is tuned to the various exhibition sections and designed to give the visitors clear orientation.

High-ranking experts from industry and research will be talking about key themes and the latest trends in in-company logistics held in forums right in the middle of the exhibition halls.

The emphasis will be very much on practical, successful solutions, thus giving maximum benefit to strategists and managers working in procurement, production, warehousing and dispatches.

Participants can come along and listen to the discussions, or take an active part themselves. The forums are a great way of gathering valuable knowledge to apply in practice, and an excellent opportunity to meet contacts new and old.


The programme for 2018 will be published here by Mid of December.

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